Have you ever found blood in your urine or semen, then please don`t ignore it. It might be due to prostate cancer also. Take care.

It is true that prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer in men. Not many men are aware of prostate cancer as there is very little awareness about this. The surprising piece of information is that the prostate is of the same size as that of a walnut. The location of this prostate gland is between the urinary bladder and penis. It is noteworthy that the prostate gland produces fluid that makes semen when mixed with sperm. In men, the cells present in the prostate  gland would grow abnormally leading to prostate cancer.

Initially, many men might not even  know about the presence of prostate cancer in them. Later on, the symptoms start showing when the prostate gland becomes big to impact the urethra.

Various important signs of prostate cancer in men are

Presence of blood in semen or urine:
One of the most important signs of prostate cancer in men is the presence of blood in urine or semen. It is highly necessary to bring this to the attention of a doctor. Here, the tumor could grow big enough to press urethra and various other nearby glands etc present in the male reproductive system. Point is that this pressure could block/irrite the reproductive system also resulting in blood in semen or urine.

ErectIle dysfunction or ED:
Those persons who have advanced stages of prostate cancer would have erectile dysfunction also.  It is believed that if the tumor due to prostate cancer leads to lower urinary tract symptoms then sexual function would get affected  negatively.

Tiredness and fatigue:
The presence of prostate cancer could lead to more tiredness and fatigue in men. It is important to consult a doctor and get diagnosed.

Unexplained loss of weight:
This unexplained weight loss could be a non-specific symptom of prostate cancer. Weight loss can take place by changing the way the body uses energy.

Back pain and limb pain:
It is very important to get diagnosed by the doctor if there is back pain and limb pain etc. Truth is that the pain issue could be due to the advanced stages of prostate cancer also.

Burning sensation or pain during urination:
Sometimes, a person might feel burning sensation or pain during urination and this could be due to prostate cancer also.

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