Tamil Nadu State Minister for Higher Education, Ponmudi, has announced the introduction of a new syllabus in colleges starting from the academic year 2023-24.

According to a notification released by the Minister for Higher Education, the new syllabus has been carefully designed to respect the autonomy of universities and self-financed colleges.

The main objective behind this change is to enhance the overall academic standards of students.

As a measure to assist students who face challenges in securing jobs due to a lack of connection between education and employment, and also to facilitate transfers between higher-level colleges, this revised syllabus has been formulated.

The process of syllabus review spanned a year, during which educational news and updates were regularly reported. A syllabus review committee, comprising 922 professors from esteemed institutions such as IIT Madras, Anna University, 10 Arts & Science Universities, self-administered colleges, and other educational bodies, was formed. Valuable input was received from industry experts, resulting in the creation of a high-quality syllabus comprising 301 model lessons (166 for graduate courses and 135 for post-graduate courses).

The revised syllabus for the graduate courses is divided into the following five sections:

  • Part – 1 : Language
  • Part – 2 : English
  • Part – 3 : Main courses and elective subjects / lessons
  • Part – 4 : Skill Development Lessons
  • Part – 5 : Quality-enhancing combined academics

Universities and self-administered colleges are encouraged to include their elective subjects for Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 while implementing the syllabus.

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