Anna University, the premier technical institution in Tamil Nadu, has announced a significant change in the number of seats offered in certain courses for the upcoming academic year. The move will impact the engineering education sector in the state, which comprises 523 engineering colleges, including Anna University and 13 member colleges, government and government-aided engineering colleges, and private self-financed engineering colleges, all of which are affiliated with Anna University.

As per the announcement, Anna University will reduce the number of seats in four courses – civil, mechanical, electrical, and ECE – by a total of 3,696 seats. Specifically, 1,110 seats in civil, 1,836 seats in mechanical, 360 seats in electrical, and 390 seats in ECE courses will be cut. On the other hand, the university will increase the number of seats in six courses, with 9,750 seats being added in total. Computer Science will get an additional 1,800 seats, I.T. will get 2,280 seats, and Data Science will get 2,520 seats. Cyber Security will see an increase of 1,200 seats, while A.I. will get 690 seats in the machine learning category.

The decision by Anna University is expected to create more opportunities for students to pursue in-demand courses. However, the impact of these changes on the quality of education and job prospects for engineering graduates in the state remains to be seen.

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