It is really shocking to note that in India one out of 1000 kids under the age of 16 have got affected by juvenile arthritis. The kids with this autoimmune disease would have severe paint, joint deformities, growth abnormalities etc. These kids would find it very difficult doing even daily activities. It is said that early diagnosis would be superb and that the doctors and ortho specialists would be able to treat the kids with this issue effectively.

Various signs and symptoms:
There are many challenges that a kid with juvenile arthritis would face. The various signs and symptoms associated with juvenile arthritis are chronic pain, stiffness in the joints, reduced mobility, fatigue, reduced appetite, poor weight gain etc. Point to be noted is that the juvenile arthritis issue could lead to physical issues in the kids and due to this the kids would find it difficult to walk, grip the objects etc. The kids would also face emotional issues due to extreme stress regarding managing a chronic problem and potential isolation etc.

Treatment for juvenile arthritis issue:
At the first signs of juvenile arthritis itself, parents of the kids must be vigilant and  they must seek medical attention. It is worthy to note that unchecked inflammation can result in serious bone and joints problems in the kids

Important precautions that needs to be taken are:
Regular medical check-ups:
The parents must take their kids regularly to paediatrician, rheumatologist, orthopaedic surgeon etc and by this the progression of juvenile arthritis in the kids could be monitored well.Treatments could be changed accordingly.

Medical adherence:
It is highly necessary that the juvenile arthritis affected kid follows the medication schedule properly for managing the inflammation and pain etc. The kid must be given a proper well balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Gentle exercise:
Joint flexibility would be improved in the arthritis affected kids and this would be possible by making the kids do certain gentle exercises. The muscles would also get strengthened by this.

Emotional support:
Parents must provide their emotional support to the kids with juvenile arthritis issues because dealing with a chronic condition would be tough for the kids.

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