When our bowel movements are not regular, then we could get constipation issues in us. This is one common issue that occurs in many of us and we would find it very uncomfortable.

There are several reasons for getting constipation such as improper diet,  irregular meal timings, sedentary lifestyle, disturbed sleep etc. We try various ways to get relief from this issue. It is mentioned that eating certain fruits can provide huge relief from the constipation issue.
These are the fruits that we must eat for getting relief from constipation

Intake of bananas:
One of the best home based remedies for getting relief from constipation issues is by eating bananas rich in fibres. The bowel syndrome would become better when we eat ripened bananas. The microvilli present in the small intestine would function well. By this the digestion would be better and constipation would be relieved.

Intake of oranges:
It is known that oranges are rich in vitamin C plus in fibres etc. By eating the citrus fruits like oranges etc as a whole rather than juice we could get huge amounts of fibres. It is believed that the presence of compound naringenin would help those persons who have constipation issues.

 Intake of kiwi:
We could get superb relief from constipation by eating kiwi fruit that has got fibres and water content . The presence of actinidin( an enzyme in kiwis) could make kiwi more effective in providing relief from constipation.

Intake of pears:
The presence of fructose and sorbitol in the pears would make this fruit highly effective in providing relief for those who suffer from constipation problems. It must be noted that sorbitol softens stools and eases bowel movements.

Intake of apples:
Both diarrhoea as well as constipation could be treated by eating apples. The outer portion of the apples have insoluble fibres and this would help in the easy bowel movements.

Intake of papaya:
The bowel movements in us would get regulated by eating papaya that is a low calorie fruit but rich in water as well as fibre contents. The presence of enzyme papain in papaya fruit would help in digestion. Be careful not to eat papaya in combination with other foods like spicy foods, dairy products etc.

Intake of figs:
It is true that by eating figs we could get superb relief from the constipation problem. This is because figs are rich in fibre content and this would help in easy bowel movements.

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