Pregnancy is the most important stage for a woman.
The pregnant women must be healthy both physically as well as mentally to give birth to the baby. One physical issue that occurs in the pregnant woman is osteoporosis or reduced bone health. It is noteworthy that due to osteoporosis the bones would become weak and fragile and they would break easily resulting in fractures etc.
Women face hormonal changes during pregnancy such as increased estrogen levels etc resulting in increased bone density. Once when the pregnant woman gives birth her estrogen levels decrease and this would lead to reduction in bone density. This would make them more prone to fractures etc.
Pregnant women can follow these superb tips to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
By intake of a balanced diet:
Every pregnant woman must eat a balanced diet rich in calcium and vitamin D. These would make her bones strong and healthy. By this, the risk of osteoporosis would be avoided or reduced. Foods likc dairy products, green leafy veggies and nuts are rich in calcium. In the same way, foods like egg yolk, fish, and fortified cereals are rich in vitamin D.
By doing exercises regularly:
Bone density would become better by exercising regularly. This would make the overall bone health become better. It is said that pregnant mothers can do weight bearing and  resistance training exercises etc.
By avoiding caffeine:
Pregnant women must avoid consuming caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea etc and by that they would be able to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. By the intake of caffeine, pregnant women would have bone loss as caffeine would interfere with the absorption of calcium.
By staying hydrated:
For proper body functions, pregnant women must drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated. This would help them to avoid dehydration and bones would be healthy.
By avoiding phosphate additives:
Pregnant women could get bone loss and osteoporosis issues when they consume too much of processed foods that have phosphate additives in them.
By taking NHS supplements:
Pregnant women could get atleast 10mcg of vitamin D when they consume prenatal vitamin supplements. This is as per NHS. By y this, the pregnant woman would have the right nutrients for healthy bone development.
By quitting smoking/alcohol etc:
The risk of getting osteoporosis increases when a pregnant woman smokes. Therefore, it is advised to quit smoking during pregnancy. In the same way, pregnant women must avoid alcohol intake as it would increase the risk of osteoporosis in them.

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