Who doesn`t like eating mangoes?
This highly delicious fruit is a favourite for the majority of us. Mango is a summer fruit and to meet the demands of mangoes in the summer season, people dealing with mangoes ripen them using artificial methods like chemicals etc.  It is true that those mangoes that are ripened naturally would not be much different from the mangoes that are ripened using chemicals etc. The issue with chemically ripened mangoes is that when ingested they could lead to health issues in us.
There are few chemicals that are used to ripen mangoes like calcium carbide, Plant growth regulator ethephon is also used to ripen mangoes. The acetylene produced from these chemicals would ripen the mangoes faster.
Various health issues of eating chemically ripened mangoes are
Those who eat chemically ripened mangoes might get diarrhea, extreme weakness, acidity like sensation in the chest and headaches also. There are also chances that the chemicals in the mangoes could react aggressively with the body and it could lead to skin ulcers, eye damage etc. The person could also have issues in his or her throat and swallowing could be difficult. In some cases, the person consuming chemically ripened mangoes would have cough, sores and wheezing also. After  consuming these mangoes, a person might sometimes have issues in breathing also then he reprson must consult a doctor immediately.
Damage to the neurological system:
When a person consumes chemically ripened mangoes then there are chances that the person could get hypoxia. In this condition, sufficient oxygen does not reach the tissues. As a result of hypoxia, the person might feel dizzy,  memory loss, sleepiness etc.
How to know if mangoes are ripened naturally or not:
It is worthy to mention that naturally ripened mangoes would remain on the trees till they ripen fully.later, they are plucked from trees and consumed. Apart from this, mangoes are plucked from the trees and are ripened  using chemicals.
 Point to be noted is that natural mangoes face the brunt of nature such as birds, weather etc in order to ripen. The chemically ripened mangoes are taken away from nature earlier itself.

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