Most of us eat white rice, don`t we?
For many decades, white rice has been an integral part of our food. It is worthy to note that rice is not only versatile and easy to cook but it is also light on the stomach. There has been some misconception that eating white rice would make us fat but this is not true.

It would not be possible for us to function without carbohydrates. Information is that rice is a source of carbohydrates plus it has 4 to 5 gms of protein in one serving. Addition to these, rice also has antioxidants and vitamin B etc. It would not be possible for us to function without carbohydrates.

Various health benefits of eating white rice are

Stabilizes blood sugar levels:
Though it might be rich in starch but when combined with vegetables rice could prevent a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Provides with energy:
We need energy to carry out many activities in our lives. By eating white rice rich in carbohydrates we could get enough energy.

Easy to digest:
This is also an important benefit of eating white rice. It is easy to digest rice. It must be taken into anote that brown rice has a compound called as phytic acid that would lead to some digestive based issues in us. This won`t happen when we eat white rice.

Keeps our gut in good health:
It is said that even by eating refined white rice we could get good amounts of soluble fibre that is resistant to starch called butyrates. Gut health would be boosted by butyrates by reducing inflammation. For this reason only, doctors or food experts etc advise patients to eat white rice when they have diarrhoea problems.

Good for heart health:
For our lives to be normal and healthy, we must have good heart health. It is believed that by consuming wholegrain rice our cholesterol levels would get lowered and our heart health would get boosted.

Provides support for bones, nerves etc;
The presence of magnesium in the white rice would  help in the proper functioning of the bones, nerves etc in us.

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