To prevent the spread of dengue fever in the schools and in the educational institutions across Tamil Nadu, the director of public health dept Dr. Selvavinayagam has advised the government to take measures now.

It is really shocking to mention that in Kerala state rat fever and dengue fever has been spreading now very fast and the beds present in the fever wards in the hospitals are full of patients. Just recently, the medical surveillance was intensified at the border districts belonging to TN. The TN Public health dept has asked to organise fever camps also.

Now, special instructions have been issued by the TN public health dept to various schools and educational institutions etc. The director of public health has sent a circular to all district health dept officers now. It was mentioned in the circular that  a study must be carried out to prevent breeding of mosquitoes in the schools and colleges etc in TN.

Immediate action must be taken to eradicate them. For the eradication of mosquitoes, the educational institutions and local bodies must extend their support totally. The circular added that the entire school campus must be sprayed with mosquito repellent.  In addition to these, it was also pointed out that the overhead and downstream tanks must be kept clean and chlorinated. The tanks must be kept closed as the mosquito breeding would take place in the tanks. Those students with flu symptoms must report immediately to the deputy health directors. The circular concluded that preventive measures like special  camps must be held.

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