How would you react if you come to know that by going to the gym you could get many infections easily? Totally shocked isn`t it!!

By exercising in the gymnasium or gym, not only the body gets toned but also stress gets relieved and the energy levels would get boosted. Three days, many people go to gyms to keep themselves fit and healthy without knowing the fact that there are more chances of getting infections in the gyms.

The environment inside the gym would be warm, moist and in this condition many bacteria, viruses and fungi thrive causing many infections. The skin would come directly in contact with the germs present in the equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells etc and this could result in the infections spreading easily.

Various skin infections that we can get from the gyms are

Ringworm infection:

When a person in the gym comes into contact with fungus then the person could get ringworm infection in 3 to 10 days. This ringworm infection would occur in the skin as round and itchy etc. It must be noted that ringworms thrive in moist conditions and sweaty equipment and benches etc could lead to this infection.

Athlete`s foot infection:

There are also chances of athletes foot infection to occur when a person goes to gym. Here, the person would have itchy, reddish, dry flaky skin eruptions. Point is that athletes foot infection occurs between and around the toes, or at the entire bottom of the foot etc. When the feet remain moist, then it is possible to get this infection easily.


Gym going persons could also get folliculitis infection where the person would have painful itchy issues leading to reddish colored bumps. By using dirty equipment, a person could get folliculitis infections. The person with this infection could have bacterial infection on the hair follicles and roots occuring on the neck, armpits etc.


The soles of the person going to gym regularly could have warts or rough or lumpy growth of skin. The presence of a warm and humid environment inside the gym could lead to this wart. Warts are caused due to HPV or human papillomavirus.

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