One of the most underrated minerals that is important for our health is magnesium. We can get this magnesium by eating certain foods as well as by taking magnesium supplements etc.

For carrying out several chemical reactions in the body such as building proteins, regulating blood sugars, blood pressure, nerve functions etc, magnesium is very important. It is sensational to mention here that magnesium helps for 300 plus enzymatic activities in us. Therefore, being deficient in magnesium would lead to serious side effects also.

There are several issues associated with the magnesium deficiency like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting plus high BP,  diabetes etc.

These are some of the unusual ways by which magnesium deficiency can affect us.

Stress and depression:
Those with magnesium deficiency might have increased stress, depression etc in them. Sometimes,  magnesium deficiency could result in delirium and coma also.

The presence of weak bones could make us more prone for fractures. When a person is deficient in magnesium, then the person would have weak bones and lower levels of calcium etc. It is known that calcium plays a huge role in bone strengthening.

Lack of enough magnesium can also lead to asthma issues. The magnesium deficient persons would have constricted airways due to the deposit of calcium in the muscle lining tha airway of the lungs. The person would have trouble breathing.

Severe tiredness:
Feeling tired throughout the day, then it could be due to deficiency of magnesium. So, please take care.

Ways to improve magnesium deficiency:
We can improve the magnesium deficiency by reducing the consumption of calcium rich foods 2 hours before or after eating magnesium rich foods. It is also possible to improve the magnesium deficiency by avoiding high doses of zinc supplements. Those with magnesium deficiency must  eat more vegetables.. It is true that by quitting smoking also magnesium deficiency can be improved.

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