Many of us stand in front of the mirror every day and look at our faces closely. It is true that we would feel very sad when we observe some acne or some black colored spots etc on the face. Many youngsters especially get acne on their faces and face embarrassment from others. The first thing that would come to the mind of these youngsters would be the ways or methods to use to remove the acne etc.
Various factors that can create acne in us are excess production of oil or sebum, hair follicles clogged by oil, bacteria and inflammation etc. Not many of us would be aware of the fact that by eating certain foods also we could get acne on the face.

These foods can cause acne on the face, so try to avoid them or eat them in less amounts only.

Avoid refined grains and sugars:
Our blood sugar levels would increase fast as these refined carbs get absorbed into the system quickly. The insulin levels would also increase along with the blood sugar levels to help move the rising blood sugar levels from the bloodstream. It must be noted that high insulin levels would result in issues like diabetes, acne etc.

Avoid dairy products:
Those who ate ice creams etc would have more chances of getting acne on their faces. Sometimes, even drinking milk every day could cause acne. It is learnt that when a person consumes cow milk then the liver of that person would produce more IGF-1 and this would lead to acne.

Avoid oily foods:
Hormone levels might be influenced by the intake of oily or greasy foods. By this, we could get acne on the face.

Avoid chocolates:
It is also revealed that by eating chocolates there are more chances of getting acne. The outermost layer of skin gets peeled off when we eat chocolate and this would increase the presence of bacteria. Finally, it could lead to acne.

Avoid whey proteins:
Whey protein is rich in amino acids like leucine and glutamine etc. The growth and division of skin cells would get hastened and it could lead to acne on the face.

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