Even in the healthiest of persons, lack of fibres or probiotic content could result in many digestive problems. The digestive tract or GI tract or gut in us plays a huge role in the absorption of nutrients and in the removal of waste from us is a well known fact. Many of us suffer from various digestive issues such as bloating, abdominal cramps, gas, constipation etc due to several reasons.  There are more chances of serious digestive based issues if we have GERD, IBS etc in us

There are a few weird foods that we might not have known but these foods could help us to have superb gut health.

Various weird foods are

Black rice intake:
Not many of us would have come across black rice or forbidden rice that has got many nutritional ingredients like fibres, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants etc. The superb piece of information is that the black rice has the same amount of anthocyanins that gives cherries a deep purple colour. The black colour of this rice is due to the presence of high concentration of pigments.
Soy tempeh intake:
It might resemble a sponge but the health benefits it could provide us is simply superb. It is important to note that this soy tempeh is a plant based food made from fermented soybeans. Soy tempeh has many minerals and health promoting substances in it. By consuming soy tempeh, we could have better heart health plus improved digestion, prevent cancer etc.

Celeriac root intake:
It could be eaten either in the raw state or in the cooked stage. It is a root vegetable. It is worthy to note that celeriac root is rich in Vitamins like C and K plus others like phosphorus, iron, calcium etc. Intake of celeriac root would help in bone strength plus in the heart health etc. It would also be possible to avoid type 2 diabetes.

Kombucha intake:
By mixing certain bacterial stains, sugar and yeast with green or black tea and followed by fermentation for a week, we could get kombucha. It is said that intake of kombucha would be fantastic for our digestive health.

Sardines intake:
They are small, nutrient rich oily fishes and are superb for the health. Not many of us would have known sardines. Sardines have vitamin D plus omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, selenium etc. in addition, these fishes are also free from environmental contaminants like mercury. By eating sardines, our bone health would get better plus we could have superb heart health.

Edamame beans intake:
It is noteworthy that edamame beans are prepared with immature soybeans in the pod. Then, the pods are boiled and served with salt etc. This weird food could also provide us with many health benefits.

Kimchi intake:
Made from fermented vegetables, kimchi intake would provide us with many health benefits. Various vegetables used are carrots, cabbage, garlic, radish etc. Intake of this weird food would improve the immune system, improves heart health, promotes healthy weight loss etc. it is also possible to avoid yeast infections.

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