We all might have known that magnesium is a chemical element having the symbol mg, but how many of us know about the need for magnesium?


Yes, we all need magnesium for our health as it would improve our heart health plus mood etc. There are many foods that have magnesium in them like beans, seeds, nuts etc and we must eat them.


Daily magnesium intake for males is 400 to 420 mg and for females is 310 to 320mg.


Various health benefits of magnesium intake are


Boost exercise performance:
It must be noted that during a physical activity lactate might get accumulated and this could lead to exhaustion etc. By consuming magnesium, blood sugar would be transferred to the muscles and lactate would be removed.


Manages diabetes:
Research studies have shown that when we eat foods rich in magnesium than our type 2 diabetes would get lowered or controlled. There are chances that our insulin resistance would get exacerbated due to magnesium deficiency.


Improves heart health:
It is worthy to note that intake of magnesium would lead to lowering of blood pressure, heart disease etc in us.


Bones get strengthened:
Intake of magnesium would have a direct and positive impact on bone health. Magnesium has the ability to modulate the calcium and vitamin D levels in us. It is known that calcium and vitamin D are 2 essential nutrients for bone health.


Help in managing PMS:
It must be noted that PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a disorder that would affect many women of childbearing age. Various symptoms of PMS are headaches, irritation, fatigue, abdominal cramps etc. Truth is that intake of magnesium supplements would reduce the pain.


Boost mental health:
Magnesium deficiency could lead to anxiety and sadness (mood disorders) etc in us. By consuming magnesium, we could have improved mental health.


Improves sleep quality:
It is highly necessary that we must have sound sleep at night. It must be taken into account that magnesium supplements would improve the quality of sleep. Point is that magnesium c controls a number of neurotransmitters like GABA etc involved in sleep. By this, we would be able to overcome insomnia issue.

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