If there is one issue that would make walking or doing exercises difficult, then it is the presence of flat feet!!

In some persons, one or both their feet would have little or no arch and this is termed as flat feet. It must be taken into account that when we stand we might not be able to see any arch but when lifting the foot we might be able to see that arch.

Various reasons for flat feet in us are diabetes, obesity, broken bones, rheumatoid arthritis, ageing neuropathy, foot and ankle injuries etc.

Exercising would be difficult with flat foot:
There would be stress and strain on our feet when we do exercise etc.  Point is that in those who have flat feet issues, the arches would not be able to support the need to absorb shock and distribute weight evenly. The person would have pain plus other issues like discomfort, fatigue etc.

What issues flat feet can cause while exercising?

It must be noted that when we pronate our foot would roll inward. By this, there would be more stress on the inside of the foot. Bitter truth is that this could lead to pain, inflammation etc.

Falling arches:
Here, when a person does exercises, then his or her arch would collapse further and would make the feet fall flat. Maintaining the balance would be difficult.

There would be a lot of strain on the muscles and tendons when a person does exercise with a flat foot. As a result, the person would have soreness etc.

Various tips to manage flat feet issue while exercising:
By wearing supportive shoes:
It is important to select shoes with good arch support. Those shoes with deep heel cups and midsoles etc would be good.

By using orthotics:
Point is that orthotics are custom made inserts that would support arches and improve the functions of the foot.

By stretching:
Foot flexibility could be improved by doing stretching and strengthening exercises etc. To manage thehe flat feet problem, it is important to consult a doctor.

By warming up:
It is important to mention that proper warming up would be essential before doing exercises etc. This would help in reduction of risk of injury.

By not pushing too hard:
Stop exercising and take rest if you get pain in your feet. We must not push ourselves too hard. This would help us to avoid aggravating the condition.

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