One super food that often goes unnoticed is tamarind. It is known as Amlika in Sanskrit or Imli in Hindi or Pulie in Tamil language. Tamarind tree is a tropical leguminous tree and it has got fruit with an acid pulp. It is usually seen growing in Africa and India etc. Point to be noted is that the tamarind tree produces bean-like pods that have seeds and fibrous pulp.

Not only tamarind addition would give a tangy taste to the dishes but it would also provide us with nutritional benefits etc. Tamarind is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids etc.

Various health benefits we could get by including tamarind are

Improved immunity:
It is important to mention here that tamarind has antioxidants especially vitamin C, flavonoids, carotene and intake of tamarind would boost our immune system.

Regulates cholesterol:
It is worth mentioning that tamarind has potassium and by consuming this superfood our heart rate etc would be controlled plus fluid would be balanced. The cholesterol levels in us would get regulated by eating tamarind containing polyphenols like flavonoids etc.

Maintains BP:
The presence of high amounts of magnesium in tamarind would help us to maintain the blood pressure in us.

Improved digestion:
When we eat tamarind, then our malfunctioning intestines and other important digestive organs would get regulated.

Promotes heart health:
By eating this superfood our LDL or bad cholesterol would get lowered and good cholesterol or HDL would get increased. The issue of atherosclerosis or formation of plaque in the arteries would be reduced.

Decreases cancer risk:
The cell DNA would be prevented from getting damaged by the free radicals by means of antioxidants. It is believed that any harm to DNA would lead to cancer. The risk of getting cancer could be avoided by eating antioxidant rich foods like tamarinds etc.

Better brain health:
Vitamin B thiamine and folate are present in huge amounts in the tamarind. These vitamins play a superb role in the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system etc. Hence, intake of this super food would help in brain healalth.

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