This is another issue that affects many especially in the winter season. Also called as epiphora, watery or teary eyes could result due to several reasons. We must protect our eyes as eyes are very important for us. For this, we must eat a well balanced diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle, do regular eye examinations, follow good eye care habits etc.

Various important reasons for watery eyes during winters are


Pollen, dust and pet dander etc would lead to watery or watery eyes in us. This could be due to protective response.

Irritations in eyes:

There are chances that irritants like smoke, chemicals etc could lead to watery eyes.

Dry eyes:

As a reflux response to tear production, dry eyes could lead to watery eyes. So this is also a reason for watery eyes. So, please take care.

Eye infections:

It is noteworthy that eye infections like conjunctivitis etc could lead to teary eyes in us.

Blocked tear ducts:

When the tears are unable to drain properly, then it would lead to watery eyes in us.

Symptoms of watery eyes:

There are few symptoms of watery eyes such as excessive tears, vision getting blurred, redness/irritations/itchiness in the eyes, discomfort in bright environments etc.

Several ways to protect vision are

By maintaining eye hygiene:

It is necessary to remove allergens that would lead to excessive tears. For this, we must use a piece of clean cloth or wet wipes to remove allergens.

By avoiding eye irritants:

It is important for us to wear protective eyewear or stay in well ventilated places to avoid eye irritants like smoke, dust etc.

By managing allergies:

We must try to identify various allergens and try to avoid them. In this scenario, antihistamine eye drops and oral medications would be useful.

By warm compressing:

We must unclog the blocked tear ducts and promote tear drainage by using a warm compress over the eyes.

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