There are so many schemes that are in operation for the welfare of the public. It is noteworthy that Grama Suraksha Yojana is one such scheme from the post office that would be highly beneficial for the public.

This Grama Suraksha Yojana scheme is one where the public can invest less amount and could get back huge profit as returns. Under this scheme , a person can invest Rs 1411 per month and would be able to get nearly Rs 35 lakhs on maturity. This scheme from the post office is implemented to provide huge help for women and for the underprivileged ones etc.

One important feature of this superb post office scheme is that there are possibilities of converting it into an endowment assurance policy at the end of 5 years.

Age limit and minimum investment amount:

A person belonging to the age group 19 to 55 can invest in this post office scheme. An amount of upto Rs 10lakhs can be invested here. On the monthly, quarterly, semi annually and annually, premiums could be paid.

For example, if an investor (19 years old) wants to invest Rs 10lakhs and starts by investing Rs 1515 every month then he or she would get Rs 31.60lakhs at the age of 55, Rs 33.50lakhs at the age of 58 and Rs 34.6lakhs at the age of 60.

The Grama Suraksha Yojana scheme of the post office would provide us with many benefits like loan facility etc.  Point is that the loan would be available only after 4 years of investment in this scheme. For emergency cases, a grace time of 30 days would be allowed. From the date of investment, the policy could be surrendered after 3 years. The person would not be eligible for a bonus if the person closes the scheme before 5 years.

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