The Greatness of Annai Adhi Parasakthi who rules the whole Universe, is abundant, she has several temples under several names. One such temple is Arulmigu Ellaiamman Temple, Vettuvanam. It is situated in Vellore District, a part of Tamil Nadu.

Arulmigu Ellaiamman Temple is located on Vellore, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Thiruapathur Highways (Chennai-Bangalore Highways) at a distance of 23 km from Vellore. Situated on the slopes of Javvadhu Hills and On the banks of River Palar, It is Said that Arulmigu Ellaiamman of Padavedu Ellaiamman are the same


Lord Siva and Lordess Parvathidevi incarnated as the great Saint Jamadhakni and his wife Renukadevi and lived on this world. Visu, Viswas, Viswaruban, Paranjothi, and Parasuraman were their five sons. Parasuraman was their last son. It was a daily duty for Renukadevi to Make a pot out of fresh mud and fetch water for Saint Jamadhakni's Pooja. One day, she saw the reflection of a Kandharva on the water.


She stood mesimerised by his beauty for a spilit of a second. The mud pot dissolved in the river . She tried again and again but invain. She realised her mistake and told her husband that an animal chased her and so she could'nt bring water. But the saint who guessed the real happenings, called out for his first four sons and asked them to cut off their mother's head. They all refused and saint cursed them and called his last son Parasuraman to do the duty. Parasuraman asked for two boons from his father and later took his Mother

In great distress, he took the heads to his father. According to his granted boons, he brought his brother and mother back to life. But in confussion, he fixed his mothers head on the Arundathi girl body.

Hence forth the deity was named Mariamman and the place Vettuvanam. A farmer who cultivated the land accidentally dropped the spade on the deity. Blood poured out like a river. A divine voice from the sky said ''I am Ellaiamman'' and a temple was constructed in the place. Though the time and year cannot be judged precisely, it said that in 1961, this temple was one among the 2500 temples in Tamil Nadu.

Renukadevi to the forest to chop off her head, He chased her mother who ran for life and she hid behind a Arundathi girl, who was cutting woods and begged for mercy. Parasuraman warned the girl, but she did not oblige. In the heights of abger Parasuraman chopped both heads together.

Worship Benefits:

This place has an important legend behind. This is the place where Renuka Devi's head was cut off by Parasuramar at the behest of his father Sage Jamathgini. Padavedu Renugambal is very popular but this is the place the actual incident took place. Very sacred indeed.

This temple was newly constructed after demolishing the old temple by Sivarasu Venkatraman Family (Katpadi & London) and the work completed in 2008 (Kumbabeshekam done on 3rd Dec 2008)