Many people would have obtained an Aadhaar card more than 10 years back itself.
It is now said that these people must renew their Aadhaar cards now compulsorily. This was according to the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI. For the sake of accurate data, those Aadhaar documents that have not been updated for more than 10 years must be updated without fail.
The public could update the aadhaar card online or by going to the nearest Aadhar enrollment centers. For the sake of getting benefits from the government and from government based services, it is necessary to update Aadhar card compulsorily.
Those who update their Aadhar card details online would have to pay a fee of Rs 25 and those who update by going to the Aadhaar enrollment centers would have to pay Rs 50 as fee.
Process to update Aadhaar card details:
By online, just address could be changed or updated and for others like name, DOB, gender, mobile number, email ID, biometric etc a person must go to theneraest aadhaar enrollment centre only. This was mentioned by the Unique Identification Authority of India.
From the website, the nearest available Aadhaar enrollment centre could be found. It is revealed that the users would be able to update their Aadhaar card details by visiting My Aadhaar Tab on the same site and using Update Demographic Data and Check Status tab. Point is for this work that the users must have their mobile numbers linked with Aadhaar

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