Vellore Airport is a small airport located in east Vellore, in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a domestic airport managed by Airports Authority of India and its ICAO Code is VOVR.

This Airport is an airstrip at 5 Kilometres distance of Vellorecity.The area of this airstrip is 51.5 acres at altitude of 764 feet. This was re-activated in 2006 july, for the purpose of trainee pilots of the Madras Flying Club. As of now there is no domestic operating due to increase in scheduled aircraft movement at Chennai Airport. However the Madras Flying Club has stopped its training activities in March 2011.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has commenced an idle airports activation programme in southside, in that Vellore has included.

The Government plans to build up Shri Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Aeronautical Science and Training of Pilots Academy at Vellore to extent the Vellore Airport on behalf of the TIDCO in collaboration with Airports Authority of India.