In the late teens or in the early twenties normally, we would have seen wisdom teeth or third molars coming out in our mouths. If there is not much space available for the wisdom teeth to come out, then it might get struck up or impacted with other teeth. It must be noted that the impacted wisdom teeth would suffer from tooth decay if oral hygiene becomes more difficult.

Point is that wisdom teeth that are partially erupted through the gum might lead to inflammation in the nearby gum tissues. Many healthcare providers consider the wisdom teeth as vestigial that were useful at one point by not anymore. Since wisdom teeth cause issues to the surrounding gum tissues it must be removed. Here, extraction of teeth is necessary and its recovery could take 2 to 3 weeks also.

There are certain foods that we should eat after wisdom teeth gets removed for fast recovery and these are

Intake of scrambled eggs:

It is absolutely true that eggs have many nutrients that could speed up the healing process. Therefore, intake of scrambled eggs would be superb for speeding up the recovery process after wisdom teeth are removed.

Intake of mashed potatoes:

It is worthy to mention here that we could combine mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs together for a wholesome meal. It is prepared by mashing boiled or steamed potatoes with butter, milk, salt and pepper etc.

Intake of lassi:

Intake of lassi for speeding up the healing process after wisdom teeth extraction would be amazing. Intake of lassi would provide a superb soothing sensation.

Intake of banana:

Banana intake could make for a wholesome meal as it is loaded with nutrients etc. It is a known fact that bananas are available throughout the year.

Intake of soup or broth:

To make the healing process faster after the extraction of wisdom teeth, we must consume soup or broth that are rich in proteins.

Foods to avoid after wisdom teeth extraction:

There are certain foods we must avoid or not eat after the extraction of wisdom teeth such as hot or fizzy drinks, spicy foods, nuts, alcohol etc.

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