The Department of Examinations of the State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that any corrections required on the list of candidates appearing for the 10th Standard Public Examinations can be done from today (Monday, 20th February).

In a circular sent by the Director of the Department of Examinations, S. Sethurama Varma to all the District Primary Education Officers, it is mentioned:

“The Public Examinations for the 10th Standard for the current Academic Year is scheduled to be conducted in March 2023.  The list of the names of the candidates/students appearing in this Publi9c Examination for the 10th Standard was released on the official website of the Department of Examinations of the Tamil Nadu State Government – on 17th February.

Now, a final opportunity is being given to do any corrections needed on this list of names.

As such, all the Headmasters/Principals of all schools can undertake the task of correcting the details ONLINE from today (Monday, 20th February).”

It has been further mentioned that the headmasters/principals of all schools MUST follow the given procedure with extra care and complete this task.

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