The Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival at Sri Rangam considered to be a traditionally sacred event, commenced at the Lord Sri Aranganathar temple! The climax event of the opening of the gates of the sacred temple corridor, known as `Paramapadha Vaasal Thirappu, is scheduled on 2nd January!

There are 108 Divine temples, dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the Sri Vaishnavite Cult. Sri Rangam is considered to be the holiest temple among them!

This Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival, performed in the Sri Rangam Lord Aranganathar temple, Sri Rangam being known as `Booloka Vaikuntam` (Heaven on earth) is the grandest festival celebrated here celebrated for 21 days divided and known as `Pagal pathu and Raappathu` ( 10 days & 10 nights).

As per this schedule, this Vaikunta Ekadasi festival at the sacred Sri Rangam temple of Lord Aranganathar commenced on Thursday (Yesterday, 22nd December).

The `Abhinayam` of Thirunedunthaandagam` (chanting of verses) and `Vyagyanam` (Explanation) was performed from 7.45 Am to 9.00 AM.

The offering of special dishes to the Lord on this special occasion was served to the Lord Aranganathar and was performed from 9.00 AM to 9.30 AM.
The Pagal Pathu (10 days) festival is scheduled to be performed from tomorrow (Friday, 24th December) until 1st January. On each of these days, the deity of Lord Sri Namberuman (Lord Sri Aranganathar) will be adorned in 10 different costumes and the deity will be carried to `Archanai Mandapam` to offer Darshan to the devotees!

On the last day of the Pagal Pathu festival, on 1st January, the Lord Namberuman (Lord Aranganathar) will be adorned in the shape of a `Mohini` (female) and will offer Darshan in this form to the devotees! Subsequently, the `Raappathu` series of festivals commence on 2nd January and then the most important climax even the opening of `Paramapadham` Gate (Opening of Heaven`s Doors) is scheduled!

On the occasion of the opening of `Sorga Vaasal` (Opening of Heaven`s Doors) on 2nd January, the District Collector of Trichy has ordered a local holiday for Trichy District!

The Srirangam Temple Joint Commissioner and other officials have taken up the responsibility for various preparatory activities before this most sacred festival!

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