The Public Examinations for the 12th Standard Students (+2) have commenced in Tamil Nadu today (Monday, 13th March) and are in progress!
The Public Examinations for the 12th Standard students commenced in Chennai Mere City, the rest of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry with stringent regulations.
The Public Examinations commence at 10.00 AM and conclude at 1.15 PM.

The first 10 minutes are allotted to read the question paper and the next 5 minutes are allotted for verifying the particulars of the candidates.

After this, the candidates are to answer the question paper during the next 3 hours` period!

851303 students from schools in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and 23747 private candidates are writing these Public Examinations for a total of 8750-50 candidates!

As regards the Chennai Metro City alone, 45982 students from 405 schools are writing this 12th Standard Public Examinations.

3225 Examination Centres have been set up in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry for conducting Public Examinations.

Facilities such as continuous power supply, drinking water and seating arrangements have been arranged in these Examination Centres.

The invigilators for monitoring the examinations in progress have already been appointed. They have taken up the monitoring job with full focus.

Today is the first examination, the subject is Tamil. With a day`s gap between successive examinations, the next examination is scheduled on Wednesday (15th March) and the subject is English.

The Public Examinations are scheduled to be conducted for each subject and these Public Examinations are set to conclude on 3rd April, the subject on the last examination being Chemistry/Statistics/Geography.

Once the Public Examination for the 12th Standard students concludes, the task of correcting the answer papers will be taken up from the 10th of April until the 21st of April.

48000 postgraduate teachers are to be entrusted with the task of correcting the answer papers. The task of correcting the answer sheets will be completed and then the marks will be uploaded/registered as scheduled, it is expected that the results of this 12th Standard Public Examinations will be released on the 5th of May!

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