How will you react if you come to know that the foods we consider as unhealthy to eat are actually healthy? Surprised!!

We all eat varieties of foods to satisfy our taste buds. Not many would know correctly which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy to eat. The data that is available around us regarding foods would confuse us  and due to that there are some persons who totally give up eating certain foods also. Healthy foods are those that have the right balance of every type of nutrients.

These below mentioned foods are considered unhealthy for eating but there are actually very healthy

One of the most versatile vegetables is potato. Many of us believe that eating potatoes could make us fat and that is mainly due to the presence of starch in potatoes. Hence, people consider potatoes as unhealthy foods. Truth is that potatoes are healthy to eat and they have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants plus fibres etc in them.

White rice:
With lots of importance being given for healthier lifestyles these days many are consuming brown rice, millets etc instead of white rice. Eating brown rice and millet etc might provide us with superb benefits but it doesn`t reduce the goodness of white rice. It is superb to note that white rice is free from gluten, easily digestible and would give us energy etc.

It has been mentioned that consuming chocolates would lead to health issues in us. We must choose the correct type of chocolate and eat. Dark chocolates have zinc, magnesium, antioxidants etc in them and are superb for our health.Eating dark chocolates would provide us with energy, improves mood  plus several other benefits also.

Egg Yolk:
If you have the habit of not eating egg yolks while consuming eggs then it is high time to put an end to that.Egg yolks have potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins etc. It is said that eating egg yolks along with whites would be both tasty as well as healthy.

There are many people who avoid drinking coffee totally as they believe that drinking coffee could be harmful for their health. Truth is that only the excess intake of coffee is harmful as it would lead to excess intake of caffeine. It has been brought to light by research studies that 2 cups of coffee daily would make us less prone to diabetes, reduced heart issues risks, reduced liver issues, lowers depression etc.

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