3 km from Vellore en route to Bangalore, this famous temple is dedicated to Sri Selva Vinayagar and Somasundareswarar. It is said that the original name of this place was Shenbagavanam, as it was full of fragrant Shenbaga tree even though no trace of the trees is seen now.


Once when Thukkoji, a Maharashtra minister was passing through this place, the axle of his vehicle broke and blood oozed out from the place. He stayed that night here and Vinayahar appeared in his dream and revealed his presence. The famous temple dedicated to Sri Selva Vinayagar and Somasundareswarar has been attracting a large number of devotees from far and near. A special feature of the shrine is that poojas and abishegams are performed for Sri Selva Vinayagar in an open space around which the prakaram has been built. It is said that the original name of the village was Shenbagavanam, as it was full of fragrant Shenbaga trees even though no trace of the trees is to be seen now.


There are 11 Vinayahars-namely Bala Vinayahar, Nadana Vinayahar, Ohmkara Vinayahar, Karpaka Vinayahar, Chinthamani Vinayahar, Selva Vinayahar, Mayura Vinayahar, Mooshika Vinayahar, Vallaba Vinayahar, Siddhi Buddhi Vinayahar and Pancha muha Vinayahar-with Selva Vinayahar at the centre and all the other Vinayahars around All of them are Swayambu (appeared themselves) moorthies in the form of lingams and all of them in the form of Ohm.
On the back of Selva Vinayahar, there is a mark of the wheel of the cart, which was supposedly driven by Thukkoji.

There is no roof for the main shrine to facilitate all Sages and Celestial Gods to worship the deity Aadhi Sankarar worshipped here and installed Srichakra in the Esanya corner of the temple. The significances of the temple have been written about by Kanchi Maha Priyavar, Sri Chandrasekarendhra Swamigal .

The flag post is present within the sanctum sanctorum itself Saturn God is facing the main deity A silver covering was made 75 years back to cover the Selva Vinayahar fully but now it covers Him only two-thirds, indicating He is growing all the way .

Worship Benefits:

It is believed that by doing milk abhisheham to the Bala Vinayahar here, the illness of children will be cured. Also, this Vinayahar is believed to sanction the boons for timely marriage and children.