In the future, the culture and heritage of TN will be showcased across the world!!

The government of Tamil Nadu has submitted a detailed proposal to the union Ministry of Culture for establishing virtual museums at a cost of Rs 5 crores. The main aim behind this was to put technology to better use. It is now believed that the virtual museums would help TN to showcase the culture and heritage items worldwide.

It was later mentioned by a senior officer from the IT department that for each museum a detailed content management system or CMS would be prepared.

Information collected is that CMS would have a collection of digitally recorded images plus others like sound files, text documents and data of historical or cultural interest etc. With the help of a smartphone or laptop, a visitor would be able to take a virtual tour.

First CMS would be created and a comprehensive interactive guide would be developed for the museums. This was as per the senior official. He added that the guide would be a central hub for the visitors who go for a virtual trip.

The visitors would be able to access the historical significance and other structural details of the museum before entering into the virtual tour. The explanation scripts would be in both languages like English and Tamil. During the travel curbs, the virtual tour would be useful.

It would be possible for TN to earn revenue (with the help of virtual museums) by incorporating events, exhibitions, donations, selling tickets online and funds through advertisements. Point to be noted is that about 50% of the adult`s users on the internet rely on virtual tours and before picking the tour destination even young people go for a virtual tour. The works regarding virtual museums in TN would be completed within 6 months after getting clearance from the Ministry of culture.

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