Even without the use of a refrigerator or fridge, Aavin milk could be fresh for 90 days!! Sound`s incredible right

By using ultra heat treatment or UTH like Amul does in Gujarat and Nandhini does in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation that makes Aavin products manufactures milk.

Mr. Subbaiyan, MD of Aavin spoke about how the long life Delite brand that has no preservatives has got the same nutrients as any other type of milk brand in the market. It is worthy to note that even after pasteurisation of milk at 60 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius to destroy microbes, the milk would last only for 2 to 3 days after its sell by date when kept in a fridge.

Point is that in the new delite brand involving UTH method, the milk is heated above 100 degrees Celsius for a fraction of a second and later packed aespectically. It must be noted that the aespectic means to freeze the microorganisms.

A special 7 layer is used to pack the Delite milk as it would block the influence of sunlight, temp and air. Information is that fresh or pasteurised milk would be packed using polyethylene material.

Three years back in Salem, TN Cooperative Milk Producers Federation did an experiment by selling long term milk but later stopped. In 2022, a trial was started at the Sholinganallur plant belonging to Aavin after purchasing the UHT equipment. Mr. Nasar, the milk and dairy development minister launched UHT yesterday. It is true that a test run was done successfully last week.

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