Mainly to avoid severe congestion of devotees at Sabarimalai Lord Sri Ayyappan temple, a decision has been taken by the Dewaswom Board to cancel the `On-the-spot` reservation facility for Darshan!
It has been decided to limit the number of devotees per day to 90000 for Darshan who can book in advance for the same.
 Further, separate queues were formed for women above 50 years, children, and senior citizens.
Meanwhile, on a single day, yesterday (19th December, Monday), 1.04 Lakhs citizens had booked for Darshan! This led to quite an acute congestion of devotees` crowd!
In this regard, a Dewaswom Board Official shared, “Presently, only 90000 devotees are allowed to have Darshan each day based on the booking for the same! However, yesterday (Monday, 19th December) before this restriction, 1.04 Lakh devotees had Darshan of Lord Sri Ayyappan as all of them had booked for Darshan in advance! Following this unmanageable devotees` crowd level, THE SPOT BOOKING FOR DARSHAN HAS BEEN CANCELLED!”

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