Just seeing foods like pizza, French fries, hamburgers plus others like processed meats, chocolates, cakes, sodas etc itself would make us salivate. Then, think about how we would feel after consuming them.

These delicious junk foods are a favourite food for many of us is a well known fact.  It must be noted that these junk foods must not be consumed frequently as they could lead to many health issues  in us. The bitter truth is that if we crave for fruits and green vegetables etc then it would be good for our health but we mostly crave for junk foods only.

By eating junk foods regularly, we could get issues such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, heart based issues etc. Many of us have junk food cravings.

Why we crave for junk foods:
It is worthy to note that if we are stressed then our body would produce cortisol in response to the stress. This cortisol would block the release of leptin and insulin and as a result we would get attracted towards these high energy foods. Our mood also plays a huge role in junk food cravings. Especially during a negative mood we consume more junk foods.

Various ways by which we could avoid cravings for junk foods
By identifying trigger food:
All people are not the same. Some of us are addicted towards drinking sodas etc and others are addicted towards eating other foods like processed meats, chocolates etc. Therefore, the trigger food must be identified first and then have control while eating them.

By keeping ourselves well hydrated:
We crave sodium rich or sugar rich foods when there is sodium imbalance in our body. This imbalance could happen if we don`t drink enough water. To avoid unwanted junk food cravings it is essential that we must keep ourselves well hydrated.

By not staying hungry:
It is obvious that we reach out to quick foods like processed foods etc when we feel hungry. This could be avoided by eating wholesome meals at regular intervals of time. This would make us feel full and we would avoid junk foods intake.

By being mindful while eating:
There exists a difference between hunger and cravings. The former is a physiological phenomenon and the latter is associated with the state of mind. It is necessary that we must understand what we are going through and by this we would be able to eat healthier foods.

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