The corridors (`Paramapadham gates`) of the Sacred Temple of Lord Sri Aranganathar Swami were opened at 4.45 AM today – Monday, 2nd January!

The temple of Sri Rangam is known as `Booloka Vaikuntam` – the heaven on Earth! It is considered the most sacred among the 108 Vaishnavite Temples!

As such, the sacred occasion of `Thiru Adhyayana Festival` OR the Vaikunta Ekadasi Festival, commenced on 22nd December with the `Thirunedunthaandagam`!

After the festival of `Pagal Pathu` (10 afternoons) the most important climax occasion of Vaikunta Ekadasi, the opening of the Paramapadham Gates was performed on the first day of the `Raappathu` (10 nights) festival on Sunday (1st January)!

After the event of `Thiruppalliezhuchi`, the idol of `Namperuman` (Lord Sri Aranganathar) was adorned with `Rathna Angi; (Shawl of jewels) and various other jewels including `Kili Maalai` (Garland of parrots) and was taken from the Sanctum Sanctorum at early morning 3.30 AM at the Viruchika Lagnam` on `Simma Gadhi`!

The idol was carried via Rajamahendran sacred round, Nazhi kettaan Vaail;, `Thanga kadigaaram` (Gold Clock), Kulasekaran Round, and Vishranthi Mandapam and taken to the Corridos of Paramapadham (Paramapadha Vaasal). With the `Sthaneekar` chanting `Kattiyam` (welcome) ached the Paramapadham Gates exactly at 4.45 AM.

The idol of Lord Namberuman or Lord Ranganathar was carried via the Gates of Paramapadham amongst the chant of the thousands of devotees, “Govinda, Govinda!!” and crossed the Paramapadha Vaasal.

Thousands of od devotees are standing in long queues for Darshan!

On this sacred occasion 0of Vaikunta Ekadasi, a holiday has been declared for the Trichy District!

Security arrangements were arranged by a team headed by the Trichy Police Commissioner G. Karthikeyan.

On the sacred occasion of the opening of Paramapadha Vaasal, State Minister Sekar Babu, the Sri Rangam Temple Jiont CommissionerS. Marimuthu and the Trichy City Police Commissioner G. Karthikeyan participated!

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