The Ratnagiri temple is situated at Vellore in Tamil Nadu. Vellore can be reached by train or bus. The nearest air and seaport is at Chennai, 140 km from Vellore.


Rathnagiri is a temple devoted to Lord Balamurugan located at Rathnagiri, Vellore. Balamurugan adimaigal was the one responsible for developing this hilltop temple from 1968. Under his guidance a hospital and school were founded. All the people from Kilminal were also responsible for the development of this temple complex. An emergency medical service unit is available near to the Ratnagiri hospital on the Madras–Bangalore highway. Access is via a winding road or 150 steps


The Ratnagiri temple is dedicated to Lord Muruga. There are two forms of the deity in this temple-one is Lord Thirukkolam, seen with his wives Valli and Deivanai, and the other is Lord Gurukkolam. There are separate shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesh, Lord Sani and the Navagraha (deities representing the nine planets of the Solar system).

The major festivals celebrated in this temple are ‘Adi kiruthigai kavadi’ (June-July), ‘Thai kiruthigai kavadi’ (January), ‘Thai Poosam’ (January), ‘Karthigai deepam’ (November-December) and the ‘Latcha deepam.' Special worships are done during the Tamil month of ‘Karthigai’ (November-December). During the festivals, the idols of Lord Muruga and his wives are decorated with gold and silver. The idols are then mounted on to a Golden chariot, which is taken around the temple.

This temple was built in the 14th century, by Arunagiri Nathar. The temple was renovated in the year 1980. The temple boasts a huge temple tower, rest houses, parks, tanks, hospitals and schools surrounding it. One of the special features of this temple is that the holy verses are recited in the local language of Tamil.