Ration card grievance camps are to be conducted throughout Tamil Nadu tomorrow (Saturday, 11th February).
In a notification released by the State Government of Tamil Nadu regarding this, it is mentioned:
“The State Government of Tamil Nadu has announced that as a measure to address the grievances regarding the ration card related issue from the cardholders and solve them, GRIEVANCE MEETINGS WILL BE CONDUCTED IN EVERY DISTRICT EVERY MONTH!
Accordingly, the Monthly grievance camp for the current month of February regarding the services/complaints from the ration card holders regarding the Public Distribution System (PDS) will be conducted in all 19 zones at the office of the Deputy Commissioner FROM 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM.
Services such as the addition or deletion of names, change of address, change of mobile phone number, and the issue of new ration cards will be available in these grievance camps.
Further, for the senior citizens or differently-abled cadr holders who are not able to visit the ration shop personally, an approval certificate will be given for them to authorise a representative to buy the ration item.
The Grievance Camp will also receive address complaints regarding the distribution of items in the Public Distribution shops, and the behaviour of the shop personnel and complaints regarding products sold in private shops and their services and will take immediate action to solve the same.

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