Ashokkumar, who was functioning as the Vellore City Corporation Commissioner, was transferred.

P. Rathnaswamy, who was functioning as the General Manager of Chennai SIPCOT, has now been transferred as the Commissioner of Vellore City Corporation replacing Ashokkumar.

P. Rathnaswamy assumed office as the Commissioner of Vellore City today (Wednesday, 8th February).

He shared on this occasion:

“We are doing our duties by being directly in touch with the common citizens! We have to perform our duties straightforwardly and honestly! No complaints about the performance must be received! We have to ensure our functioning with no complaints! While in contact with public citizens, we have to interact with them in a patient and receptive manner! We need to be PUNCTUAL while attending duty! Do your duties performing to your best! In case any of you have any complaints, you can meet me and share the same!”

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