What is the relation between gut health and skin issues?

This article would shed some light on how poor gut health could be the reason for the sudden skin issues in us. Whenever we get skin issues like acne etc on the face, we wash our face with soap and water thinking that the acne might be due to unclean or polluted skin. Not many of us would relate acne or skin issues with gut heath. It is true that poor gut health could result in skin based issues in us. So, please take care. Information is that nearly 80% of the body`s immunity is present in the gut or gastrointestinal tract.

Various skin problems caused due to poor gut health are

Our skin would become dry, itchy etc and this could be due to a skin condition called eczema. It is worth mentioning that the intestinal flora influences the microbes that live on the skin. Fact is that an imbalanced microbiome might play a role in inflammation and immune response leading to eczema. By making some healthy changes in the diet, we could reduce the symptoms of eczema.

We could get acne on the face due to poor gut health. When the intestinal walls and microbiomes are unable to keep up with the toxin build-up in the body, then we could get a leaky gut in us. When the toxins are not processed well by the gut, then the toxins would come out of the skin through acne etc.

In some persons, their skin cells would build up to form dry, itchy, patches etc. This is termed as psoriasis. It has been found out by research study that there exists a relation between skin issues and gut health. This issue could be treated by diet and functional medicine and this would be done by addressing the root cause of inflammation and supporting gut health.

The presence of flushing or long term redness on the face is due to a skin issue called rosacea. It is often mistaken for acne, dermatitis etc. The disturbances in the microbiome of the gut could lead to rosacea issues in us.

How to improve the gut health:
Various ways by which we could improve our gut health are by managing stress, by regularly consuming probiotics and fermented foods etc, by drinking water frequently and staying hydrated and by avoiding excess intake of sugars etc.

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