Though starches are important sources of energy, when consumed in large quantities could lead to negative starches. When we consume too much starch, it would lead to diabetes in us. There would be a spike in the blood sugar levels in the body. More intake of starch would lead to more chances of getting heart diseases. Excess intake of starch foods would lead to bloating, constipation also in us.

Foods rich in starch that we must try to avoid are arch

Cornmeal intake:
By grinding corn kennels, corn meals are made. It must be noted that one cup of cornmeal would have `126gms of starch. It is known as maize flour in India. Therefore, we must try to avoid eating cornmeal.

Pretzels intake:
It is a form of baked pastry made from dough. They are rich in starch. It is necessary to avoid the intake of pretzels as much as possible.

Millet flour intake:
By grinding the seeds of millet, millet flour or pearl millet is made. One cup of millet flour has 83 grams of starch.

Potatoes intake:
Many of us eat potatoes without knowing the fact that they contain starch. Though it is highly delicious, we must try to avoid eating potatoes or limit its intake.

Pasta intake:
Pasta contains 62.5% starch in it. It is made from durum wheat and it comes in the form of macaroni, fettuccine etc.

Bread intake:
It is true that bread contains 40 to 44% of starch and we must therefore limit or avoid consuming breads in excess.

White flour intake:
Made from a mixture of hard and soft wheat is wheat flour or all purpose flour. It has got starch and hence we must try to avoid eating white flour.

Oats intake:
It is known that oats are good for our health.  Not many would know that oats are rich in starch. One cup of oat would have 46.9gms of starch in it. So, please take care.

Instant noodles intake:
Being easier to make, instanant noodles are highly popular foods and many of us consume this food. It is noteworthy that instant noodles have 47.7% starch content.

Saltine crackers intake:
Point to be noted is that saltine crackers contain 11gms of starch or 67% nu weight. Moreover, they are low in vitamins and minerals etc. Hence, we must try to avoid this food. They are thin square crackers prepared from white flour.

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