Does in every square inch of our skin, important clues regarding our general health are hidden? The answer is yes!!
The natural outer covering of a human body or an animal body is skin. It must be noted that our skin is more than just a protective barrier and it is just like a map. Its texture and colour would hint about health issues in us. Truth is that maintaining well being would depend on the ability to be vigilant plus pay attention to the skin.
There are certain health issues that would be revealed by the signs that appear on our skin. These are
Appearance of redness:
It must be noted that redness is one of the most common signs that would appear on the skin and it would indicate many health issues in us. The skin redness would indicate issues like rosacea, skin irritations, allergic reactions etc. The deficiency in essential vitamins is revealed by tiny reddish or purple dots that fail to fade when pressed. More serious health issues are also shown by this.
In those with chronic illness, the skin would appear as gray. It is noteworthy that yellow or orange colouration on the skin would indicate the presence of kidney issue or liver issue. Brown spots would reveal that the blood circulation is poor. There are chances of ulcer also. Please, be careful.
Small bumps on skin around eyes or nose:
It must be taken into account that small yellow bumps around the eyes or nose are known as xanthelasma. These are cholesterol deposits.
Dry itchy skin:
Point to be noted is that persons with dry itchy skin would have conditions like atopic dermatitis or eczema. Underlying disease might lead to skin itching like those with uncontrolled diabetes. Thyroid disorders could lead to skin dryness.
Skin thickness or enlargement etc:
Particularly on the fingers, hands, feet etc, skin thickening could reveal the presence of diabetes. Point is that thickening of skin is usually associated with decreased sensation. Hence, monitoring skin changes would be very important for early identification and treatment of health issues in us.

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