In recent times, celery juice has gained huge popularity due to the health benefits it would provide us.

A plant that grows in marshlands belonging to the Apiaceae family is a celery plant. Point is that celery plant is consumed for its stalks and it has low calories, high fibre content etc. Celery plants also have minerals like potassium and vitamins like K and C etc. It is noteworthy that due to its nutritional profile it is considered healthy.

Various benefits we could get by consuming celery juice daily morning in an empty stomach are

Nutritional power:
By drinking celery juice every day, we could get important nutrients like folates, potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K etc.

Hydrating properties:
Our body would stay hydrated when we drink celery juice with high water content. It is worth mentioning here that for the sake of our functions we must drink celery juice without fail.

Anti-inflammatory effects:
The presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds in celery juice would reduce inflammation in us. It is well known to us that chronic inflammation could lead to serious issues like heart diseases, arthritis, cancers etc.

Good gut health:
Digestion would be promoted and gut health would be superb by drinking celery juice having polyphenols and fibres etc. It must be noted that celery juice intake would act as laxative. This would relieve constipation.

Detoxification aid:
Our body`s natural detoxification process would be supported by drinking celery juice. By this, toxins would get flushed out and help in liver and kidney functioning.

Regulation of BP:
The presence of phthalides in celery juice would relax the muscles lining the blood vessels. There would be improved flow of blood. Our blood pressure would get regulated.

Weight management:
When we consume celery juice, our weight would be managed well. This is because of the fullness feeling we would get by consuming this juice. By this, we would not over eat and help us to lose weight.

Immune systetem support:
Our immune system would get strengthened when we drink celery juice. This would help us to fight off infections and diseases etc.

Fights cancer etc:
The presence of compounds like luteolin and apigenin etc in celery juice would help in lowering the risk of getting certain cancers. These above said compounds have shown anti-cancer activities in studies.

Improved skin health:
By regularly drinking celery juice every morning, we could have superb skin health and a more youthful appearance.

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