Used in culinary applications for so many years, sesame seeds are small oil rich seeds. Our health would benefit when we consume sesame seeds. It must be noted that these seeds are rich in healthy fats, plant based proteins, fibres, minerals and vitamins etc.

We could get these benefits by consuming sesame seeds.

Improves heart health:
Our bad cholesterol would get lowered by consuming sesame seeds with oleic acid and linoleic acid. This would reduce the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases etc.

Bone strength:
Our bone health would be promoted by consuming sesame seeds rich in calcium content. By this, we could be free from issues like osteoporosis etc.

Improves digestive health:
The bowel movements would be stimulated by intake of sesame seeds. This would eliminate the constipation problem in us and we would have superb digestive health.

Lowers inflammation:
It is superb to note that sesame seeds have sesamin and sesamol having anti-inflammatory properties in them. This would lower inflammation in us.

Improved brain functions:
Our brain functions would become better by consuming sesame seeds having vitamin B6. Our cognitive abilities would improve.

Improved sleep:
An amino acid, Tryptophan is present in sesame seeds and this would regulate melatonin and serotonin levels in us. This would lead to improved sleep. It is well known that sound sleep is very essential and this would improve our overall health greatly.

Boosted immune system:
The presence of zinc in the sesame seeds would improve the immune system and this would help us to avoid diseases and infections etc.

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