What is paprika?

By drying and grinding red peppers paprika is made and is extremely hot. It is worthy to note that the flavour and colour of paprika would vary and it would be based on the ingredients. There are numerous ingredients present in paprika and these are antioxidants, minerals, vitamins like A, B6, E and K etc.

Various health benefits of intake of paprika are

Improved eyesight:

The0 presence of beta carotene, vitamin E etc in paprika would boost the eye health. By the intake of paprika, we could have reduced risk of getting age related macular degeneration etc. The presence of leutin and zeaxanthin would make the vision better.

Prevents cancer:

Majority of deaths these days are due to cancer. The cancer related oxidative stress would be fought by the presence of leutin, zeaxanthin and beta carotene etc. The growth of cancer cells would be hindered by the presence of capsaicin present in paparika.

Lowers inflammation:

Various autoimmune diseases like arthritis etc could be treated well by intake of paparika having capsaicin with anti-inflammatory properties.

Improves cholesterol levels:

When we consume paprika our good cholesterol or HDL would get better and by this we could avoid cardiovascular issues in us. Intake of paprika would also reduce bad cholesterol or LDL.

Pain reliever:

The analgesic properties of paprika makes it a effective pain reliever. Joint pain and muscle aches etc would get reduced.

Improves blood sugar:

High levels of blood sugar are highly harmful as it could lead to serious health issues later. It is necessary to control the blood sugar levels for us to live a normal and healthy life. Consuming paprika would help us to achieve this.

Healthy blood cells formation:

For our blood to be healthy, 2 micronutrients like iron and vitamin E are necessary and these are present in paprika. By consuming it, we could get healthy blood cells.

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