An important indicator for kidney`s health is serum creatinine. It is highly necessary that we must maintain our creatinine levels for our kidneys to function properly. Breakdown product of creatine phosphate is creatinine. It is well known to us that kidneys play a huge role in us. Kidneys not only filter the waste but also control the level of many substances in the blood. Increase in the creatinine value would indicate kidney failure in us. Kidney failure is a serious issue.
Creatinine levels can be lowered by these ways
By not consuming too much protein:
By consuming too much protein, our creatinine levels would increase. Kidneys would not function well. Hence, we must not eat too much protein. To manage the kidney functions, it would be better to eat vegetable based dishes instead of red meat etc. Intake of excess proteins would lead to elevated blood lipids and heart disease etc in us. This is mainly due to the presence of high amounts of saturated plus total fats in them.
By consuming more fibres:
It is well known to us that intake of a fiber based diet would keep the digestive health in good shape. We would be free from issues like constipation etc. Not many would know that consuming more fibre foods would lower the creatinine value. This would help the kidneys to function well. Hence, we must eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc. By eating a fiber based diet we can also get other important benefits like lowering of cholesterol, control of blood sugar levels etc.
By reducing salt consumption:
Consuming foods with too much salt would not only retain water in us but it would also lead to high blood pressure. Intake of processed foods rich in sodium etc would lead to renal issues in us. It is necessary to eat whole unprocessed foods to lower creatinine levels and for good kidney functioning etc.
By quitting alcohol:
Truth is that intake of alcohol regularly would not only damage our kidneys but it would also increase the risk of getting other related issues. Excess intake of alcohol would increase our blood pressure. This would lead to heart issues, strokes etc in us. Therefore, it is necessary to stop drinking alcohol.
By staying hydrated:
Drinking water throughout the day is very essential for our health to be normal. We could get dehydrated if we do not consume enough water. This could lead to an increase in the creatinine levels in us. There are also other issues we could get due to dehydration like frequent headaches, feeling dizzy, reduced urination, reduced skin elasticity and dry mouth etc.

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