Our kitchen is always packed with various types of spices like jera, methi, cardamom etc because we use spices in preparing many dishes.

It is believed that spices would be good for our skin health. The bitter fact is that there are some spices that would affect our skin health also. Some spices when applied topically might result in skin irritations, redness, rashes etc.

Various spices we must avoid for our skin health are

Dried red chilli:
It is believed that chilli being a good source of vitamin C might help us detox and have a clear skin. The bitter fact is that chilli has aflatoxin and this could lead to rashes, irritations etc on the skin. So, please be careful. It is known that red chillies are used in cooking to make spicy dishes.

Cinnamon is used to make dishes but it is not good for skin health. It has been brought to light by research publications that cinnamon`s hypersensitivity could result in tingling sensation on the skin. So, please try to avoid using cinnamon as a skincare ingredient.

It is well known to us that mustard as powder, oil and seeds are used in cooking. Point is that the antioxidants in mustard would prevent oxidative stress and inflammation in the cells. It has been revealed by Journal of Dermatology that the presence of certain compounds in mustard would affect the skin when applied topically leading to dermatitis etc. It is known that adding mustard to the food would bring flavor, heat etc.

The eugenol present in clove is highly beneficial for us is a known fact. It must be noted that if the same clove oil comes in contact with the skin then we could get irritation and burning sensation etc. It is known that clove is often used in Indian cuisines for its spicy aroma and rich flavour etc.

It is noteworthy that garlic has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in it and it would not be good for skin. It is believed that garlic has got allicin that would cause skin damage. So, take care.

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