J. Senthil Murugan, Google Scholar from Anna University addressed the audience at Thiruvallur University!


The world continues non-stop functions only because of entrepreneurs!


The seeds of ideas of entrepreneurship sown in the entrepreneurs’ brains have grown into huge trees in the form of large industries, and professions and enhance the economy and lifeline of the majority of the nation’s population!


The important task of sowing entrepreneurship ideas in capable young minds is borne by the organization StartupTN, a Tamil Nadu State Government initiative!


My respected friend, Mr Venkatesh, from StartupTN, has performed a stellar role in organizing a series of presentations to college and university students, senior citizens, and wise elders to participate in these presentations on entrepreneurship! We are proud of his efforts and our greetings and affection to him!


As a continuation of his series of presentations, Mr Venkatesh is set to address Vellore Thiruvalluvar University tomorrow (Friday, 25th November) at 10.00 AM! Vice-Chancellor Professor T. Arumugam and Mr Venkatesh are participating and delivering special addresses!


J. Senthil Murugan, Google Scholar from Anna University will also participate in this event and will deliver a special address! Our greetings and thanks to Mr J. Senthil Murugan!

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