How many know the fact that pregnancy is a roller coaster kind of ride?

It must be noted that during pregnancy there would be significant changes in the mental health of the woman. It is highly essential to address these mental health issues as this would lead to the well being of both mother and her baby.

These are the mental health issues a pregnant mother might face


One of the most common mental health issues that could occur in a pregnant woman is depression. The symptoms of depression are sadness, hopelessness, loss of interest in activities, changes in sleeping pattern, changes in appetite etc.


During pregnancy, a woman could experience generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder etc. Various symptoms are excessive worry, irritation, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, sweating etc.

Prenatal or antenatal depression:

It is a type of depression that occurs particularly in pregnant mothers. Truth is that it can affect a pregnant mother anytime and it would result in anxiety, trouble sleeping, fatigue etc. Prenatal depression can affect both mother as well as baby.

PMADs or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders:

A group of disorders that can occur during the pregnancy or in the post-partum period is PMAD. It is noteworthy that PMAD would include conditions like postpartum blues, postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum OCD etc.

Perinatal PTSD:

Point to be noted is that some women might experience post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD symptoms associated with childbirth. This would happen if she had a traumatic birth experience.

Tips or ways to maintain good mental health for pregnant mothers:

By seeking prenatal care:

Both physical as well as mental health during pregnancy could be monitored by making regular prenatal visits to the doctor.

By staying connected:

It is necessary that a pregnant woman share her feelings with her husband, friends, family members etc.

By self care practice:

Pregnant women must get enough rest, exercise regularly (after getting approval from a doctor), eat a healthy diet, engage in activities for relaxation etc.

By therapy:

Mental health problems during pregnancy can be managed by CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy etc.

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