When uric acid builds up in excess amounts in us, then we could get gout. It is a type of inflammatory arthritis issue and the person with this issue would have severe pain.

It is worthy to note that uric acid is a waste product formed when the body breaks down purines present in certain drinks and foods. In the normal situation, the uric acid would get dissolved in the blood and would pass through the kidneys and would get excreted in the urine.

Urate crystals would be formed in the joints and tissues when excess uric acid is produced or when the kidneys do not eliminate enough of them.

There are certain symptoms of gout and these are severe and sudden joint pain, swelling of joints, redness of joints, restricted range of motion in the joints etc.

Various causes for gout are

There are high chances to get gout when we consume purine rich foods like red meat, shellfish organ meats etc.

It must be taken into account that being overweight or obese would result in increased production of uric acid. Truth is that uric acid would get excreted less when a person is obese.

Medical conditions:
High BP, diabetes, kidney disease etc would result in this gout. Therefore, we must keep these issues in control.

Intake of alcohol:
Uric acid production would become more and its elimination would get impaired when a person drinks alcohol especially beer.

Treatment for gout:
The bitter fact is that gout cannot be cured completely, its symptoms could be controlled and future flaring of the symptoms could be avoided. Various treatments are medications, following  certain lifestyle changes etc.

Tips to prevent gout:
Various tips to prevent gout are by maintaining a healthy body weight, by reduced or nil  intake of alcohol, by staying hydrated, by limiting the intake of purines rich foods etc.

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