If the body has too little insulin or if the body cannot utilise the insulin properly, then it could lead to hyperglycaemia or also called as diabetes condition. It is highly necessary for the persons with high blood sugar levels to  get treated to keep diabetes in control or else they could get serious health issues later. Blood glucose levels increase when the concentration of glucose in the blood becomes more.
There are many reasons for the spike in our blood sugar levels and they are

Medicine timings:

It is important for the diabetic persons to take medicines at the correct time. Truth is that these persons fail to take medicines at the right time and this would lead to blood sugar level fluctuations.  It must be noted that some diabetic persons take medicines that are meant to be taken before meals after their meals and vice versa. Incorrect dosage of medicines is also another issue.

Taking stress:
Blood sugar levels could be increased by release of hormones due to physical or emotional stress. Fluctuation in the blood sugar levels could also be due to menstruation and menopause etc

Fatty foods:
It is true that by consuming high fatty foods we could get the pizza effect in us. Not many of us would know that by eating pizzas the carbohydrates in the dough and sauce could increase the blood sugar levels rapidly but fats/proteins could have a delayed effect on the blood sugar levels.

Lack of regular exercises etc:
There would be enhancement in the effectiveness of insulin when we engage in some physical activity regularly.

Alcohol intake:
There would be a spike in the blood sugar levels in us when we drink alcohol mixed with juice or sodas etc. Later on, we could get hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels also. So, please be careful.

How to deal with spike in the blood sugar levels:
The body`s inability to efficiently utilise glucose could lead to elevated levels of blood sugars in the diabetic persons. These persons must monitor their blood sugar levels frequently plus eat healthy food and do exercise regularly.  By these, a spike in blood sugar levels could be managed.

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