With lack of time at their disposal due to very busy work schedules etc, the youngsters are finding it difficult to take care of their parents. It is noteworthy that there are many youngsters who stay away from their parents due to their work schedule. They employ servants to take care of their parents. Some youngsters leave their parents in old age homes also. This has been causing depression in many old age persons. Various signs of depression are feeling sad, increased anger, becoming withdrawn or detached etc, greater impulsivity etc

It is possible that persons could get depression due to some health issues or diseases etc. Depression in old age persons could also be due to loneliness etc.

Therefore, it is very essential to plan your old age while during the youth stage itself. By incorporating these habits at a young stage we could be free from depression later on in the old age stage.

By setting up a routine:

It must be noted that during old age loneliness etc bother the people the most. Persons would not have any responsibility in their old age and due to this the need also starts to end. Point is it is important to have a routine regarding various things to do throughout the day etc  By this, the entire day would go smoothly.

By doing exercises:

When we are young we must start doing exercises etc every day and this would provide us strength and immunity etc at old age. It is known that during old age the body would become very weak and immunity would come down etc. We can do any kind of exercise like yoga etc during young age itself. By this, depression would be kept away and mental health would be good.

By eating healthy diet:

It is true that the diet we consume has a huge impact on our health and whatever we eat during young age would remain the same during old age too. Point is that people who eat well in their young age are less prone to diseases in their old age.

By taking out time for ourselves:

It must be taken into account that by taking time out for ourselves during young age we would be able to avoid depression etc in our old age. It is important to do yoga and meditation every day at a young age. This would reduce stress and depression etc

By keeping hobbies alive:

It would be possible to avoid depression later on by keeping atleast one of the hobbies alive. Truth is that the interest in the hobby would keep us busy in our old age.

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