For our lives to be normal it is very important for the blood flow to be normal. It is noteworthy that there must be optimal flow of blood to each and every body organ. It is well known to us that blood carries oxygen plus nutrients etc from the heart through blood vessels to various parts or organs present in the body. To get rid of waste products from the body, our circulatory system plays a superb role. Therefore, for the sake of blood circulation and flow to be good we must consume certain foods compulsorily.

Foods to eat for superb blood circulation are

Intake of pomegranates:
The presence of polyphenols, antioxidants and nitrates etc in pomegranates would help in superb blood circulation in is. It must be noted that these compounds would act as vasodilators and would widen the blood vessels. By this, the flow of blood would be easy and superb.

Intake of beets:
The body would convert nitrates that are present in the beets to nitric oxide. This nitric oxide then relaxes and dilates the blood vessels for smoother flow of blood to various body parts. The intake of beets would improve the cardiovascular health to a huge extent.

Intake of green leafy vegetables:
Not only rich in nutrients but also rich in nitrates, the green leafy vegetables would widen the blood vessels and help in the blood flow .

Intake of garlic:
The allicin that is found in the garlic does superbly in dilating the blood vessels . This would in turn help in effective blood circulation in us.

Intake of cinnamon:
The blood vessels inside the body would get protected from oxidative stress due to the presence of antioxidants present in cinnamon. The health of the blood vessels would be maintained wll by intake of cinnamon. There would be optimal blood circulation.

Intake of fatty fishes:
It is worthy to note here that fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel etc are superb sources of omega 3 fatty acids. The nitric oxide that gets released by these fats would play a huge role in the dilation of the blood vessels. By this, the blood circulation would become better.

Intake of turmeric:
It is good to consume turmeric because it would provide us with numerous health benefits. Truth is that by consuming turmeric the blood circulation in us would be superb. The cucurmin present in turmeric would help in the release of nitric oxide and this would widen the blood vessels for superb circulation of blood.

Intake of citrus fruits:
The inflammation in us would get lowered and this would reduce the BP and stiffness in the arteries when we consume citrus fruits like oranges, lemons etc. There would be improved flow of blood to various organs in us.

Intake of walnuts:
The production of nitric oxide would be possible when we consume walnuts that are rich in vitamin E plus in L-arginine and alpha linolenic acid. Especially those who are diabetic must consume walnuts and by this their blood vessel function would get better and inflammation would b be reduced.

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