It has been raining in some places belonging to TN. The dengue fever would spread fast now. The state health department is now trying its best to prevent the spreading of dengue fever.

In TN, the summer heat has increased now and many places have been getting rains also. This has increased the Aedes mosquitoes also. In this situation, the health dept of TN has  given instructions to the local bodies to intensify the dengue fever prevention measures across TN.

According to Dr. TS. Selvavinayagam, DPH, TN, it was clear that it has been raining in many places in TN and due to rains the water gets accumulated in many materials. He added that aedes mosquitoes would breed in these unwanted materials with rainwater. The district health officers and local bodies have been asked to take preventive steps soon. It was advised by the health dept that medicines must be kept in stock in enough quantities.

 Places for Aedes mosquitoes breeding like cement tanks, water tanks, rams, plastic plates, cups, coconut shells, buckets, tires etc should be kept free from water. Now, the officers are inspecting the residential complexes, commercial complexes, schools, shops, marriage halls etc. The public have been advised to keep their homes and their surroundings neat and clean.

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